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Source: Lisa Nilsson

I was totally astounded when I first saw this realistic anatomical sculpture made by Lisa.  The detail is superbly intricate. It must have taken her many hours to construct this wonderful image. I admire her talent and her clever style.

About the Coronal Man

I have learned that the pieces of Coronal Man were constructed with Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of timeworn books. It was shaped by rolling and shaping fine strips of paper which is also identified as quilling technique or paper filigree. I think that the artist, Lisa Nilsson, was inspired by the ancient nuns and monks who have made artistic use of the gilded edges of worn out bibles. The picture of this interesting artwork was taken by the photographer John Polak. This piece exhibits a coronal section, the one that splits the body into front and back of a male body and it measures about 25 x 20 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches.

About the Author

Lisa Nilsson is an excellent artist. Some of her accomplishments include Ted Talk: Lisa Nilsson’s Unforgettable Slice of Life, TEDMED conference 2007 Artist’s Resource Trust Grant and 1997 Communication Arts Award of Excellence. She also had many publications including Rolling Stone: The Illustrated Portraits Chronicle. This artist is also a Certified Medical Assistant and studied Advanced Oil Painting as well as Medieval Manuscript Illumination. She has a distinct way of sharing her artistic talent and she can present it in a very interesting and unique way. Lisa finds quilling satisfying for rendering the densely squished and lovely internal landscape of the human body in cross section.

Thank you Lisa Nilsson for allowing us to post and share your Coronal Man artwork. If you wish to learn more about her artworks then you can go and visit her website.

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