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Source: Kate MacDowell

The First and Last Breath is a porcelain sculpture that is quite interesting and thought-provoking. This artwork appears contemporary and remarkable. The sculpture clearly shows the conflict of the natural world with the influence of humans on the surroundings. This artwork raises awareness about the environmental elements such as climate change and pollution among many others.

About the First and Last Breath

This First and Last Breath is a porcelain sculpture created by Kate MacDowell in 2010. This impressive hand-crafted porcelain artwork measures 11 x 9 x 12 inches and is produced with mixed media. MacDowell created this art piece to help connect to the people’s emotions. At the same time, spectators may find it hard to put their discernment of this porcelain sculpture into words.

About the Artist

Kate MacDowell is a conceptual artist and sculptor. Her creative art pieces are often described as a combination between realism and surrealism. Almost all the subjects in her porcelain sculptures feature a safety equipment as an effort to show people that animals also need protection from man-made environmental threats.

Thank you very much, Kate MacDowell, for allowing us to post and share your First and Last Breath sculpture. If you wish to see more of her intriguing art pieces, you can check and visit her website.

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