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Source: Peter Cook & Becky Northey
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I was stunned to see such a fascinating tree. I love this garden chair because I find the artistic style of Peter and Becky unique. What makes this tree chair interesting is how the artists shaped living trees with great care and ingenuity.

About the Garden Chair

I have learned that at the time that Peter Cook was designing this Garden Chair, he was not aware of anyone else who was shaping living trees anywhere else in the world. He had thought that if he had the living chair concept, then many other individuals would have the same idea on their mind. This design was the favorite of Peter and Becky at the time of its design. They now have a completely different model for living tree chairs which combines stone or glass into the design of the tree chair. It’s been 7 years since this tree was planted and their designs have been progressing and are continually developing.

About the Artists

Peter Cook & Becky Northey were recognized as living infrastructure consultants.  Peter and Becky teach other people how easy it is to integrate trees into our living environment. First and foremost is how we decide to contribute to the condition of our planet. They have studied trees for over 41 years and they call their process of shaping trees pooktre. Peter and Becky have mastered a gradual shaping technique. They shape the trees as they grow with prearranged designs. Both Peter and Becky find pooktree a very pleasurable pastime.

Thank you Peter Cook and Becky Northey for allowing us to post and share your Garden Chair. If you wish to know more about their pooktree, you can go and visit their website.

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