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Source: Carl Warner
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I like the idea of this picture because I love using garlic when I cook. The garlic in the picture looks fresh and I am impressed to see how they were formed into blossoming flowers. Carl Warner had a wonderful idea for presenting garlic in a novel way. I can see the richness of his imagination through this surreal landscape. Adding garlic to your food is a healthy choice and this picture has become one of my favorites because I am an advocate of healthy food choices. I believe that this lovely art piece is worth hanging in every kitchen.

About the Garlic-Flower

The Garlic-Flower is one of the most terrific foodscapes that Carl Warner has created. As a photography and digital art expert, Carl uses his ingenuity to combine food elements with lovely scenery. This surreal landscape can bring great awe and inspiration to every viewer. Carl created this picture to bring the spectator into an imaginary world. Through this surreal artwork, the viewer can reach a place where healthy food choices can be found.

About the artist

Carl Warner is an expert of still photography and his concepts are extraordinary. He concentrates mainly on foodscapes and it has garnered international recognition. In fact, Carl was able to create a book which is a compilation of his foodscapes.

Thank you very much Carl Warner for allowing us to post and share your Garlic Flower. If you wish to see more of his incredible foodscapes, you can go and visit his website.

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