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Source: Peter Gibson
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I find the Geese on the Road both amusing and intriguing. If I were the car driver, I would definitely get disturbed on the road. The Geese seem to be tricking the car driver and trying to get the attention of everyone. Such street art is unique and fascinating.

About Geese on the Road

Geese on the road is a genius work of Peter Gibson. By simply observing the positions of the painted geese, it looks like it was his intention to distract car drivers. This street art features guerilla art and was created out of spray paints and stencils. Such work by Peter started out as a form of his campaign to have more bike paths on Montreal roads.

About the Artist

Peter Gibson, also known as Roadsworth, started painting the streets of Montreal in the fall of 2001. He was primarily motivated by a desire for more bike paths in the city and he was not a fan of car culture in general. He continued to cultivate a language around street markings and other features of the urban landscape and predominantly utilizes a stencil based technique. Peter has received various commissions for his work and continues to be active in both visual art and music.

Thank you Peter Gibson for allowing us to post and share your Geese on the Road. If you wish to learn more about his interesting street artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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