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Goat Sand Creature

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Source: Claire Droppert

This image is interesting and beautiful. Kudos to the expertise of Claire Droppert in photography – she was able to capture a wonderful sand image in a sort of beach whirlwind. I think that there would be plenty of amazing things happening in her instafeed and I can’t wait to check it out.

About the Goat Sand Creature

I have learned that this Goat sand creature was created using the super-high shutter speed camera of Claire Droppert. She used a shovel to help create random airborne formations and then captured everything with her camera. Claire had this unique idea of creating crazy sand creatures. She creates the names of her sand creatures similar to how kids use their imagination in cloud spotting. In this picture, you can study the details and see an image of a goat in motion. The spectator of her masterpieces needs to see the sand creatures just like a child. The viewers need to use their imagination in order to recognize the goat.

About the Artist

Claire Droppert has expertise in taking snapshots of mid-air explosions of sand. Her artworks look otherworldly and stupefying because she chooses sand as her prime medium. You can take a look at her portfolio to see more of her crazy sand creatures.

Thank you very much Claire Droppert for allowing us to post and share your Goat Sand Creature. If you wish to see more of her artwork, you can go and visit her website.

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