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Green Plant Lice

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Source: Nadav Bagim

To be honest, I have never seen plant lice and don’t usually like checking out pictures of insects. However, this photograph really blew me away. I find this macro-photography of green plant lice cute and adorable. Thanks to the excellent camera work of Nadav Bagim.

About the Green Plant Lice

According to Nadav, the technique that was used in this macro-photography is similar to all the works that can be found on his blog site. He used a Canon 450D with Canon F2.8 100mm Macro lens. He also added extension tubes but excluded the electric contacts. The shutter is set to around 1/200 whereas the aperture on the 100mm lens is set to F14. In the photo set up, Nadav used a reversed mounted Canon 1.8 50mm. He had to photograph this green plant lice inside a light box with one flash in order to create light torrent inside the carton.  The intense enlargement with bright flash produced a brilliant product.

About the Artist

Nadav Bagim is an artist and talented photographer who got addicted to taking amazing pictures. This motivated him to buy his very first DSLR camera. He loves to cleverly show to the spectators his point of view on his subjects. You can find plenty of photography on nature, macro, landscapes, thoughts, ideas and much more in the gallery on his website.

Thank you very much Nadav Bagim for allowing us to post and share your Green Plant Lice macro-photography. If you wish to see more of his amazing camera works, you can go and visit his website.

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