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Greenland #71

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Source: Zaria Forman
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I was enthralled to see this photo realistic painting. I appreciate the unique splendor and exquisiteness that Zaria is trying to portray in her hand painting. I was surprised to find out that she has not used a paint brush in this wonderful painting.

About Greenland #71

Greenland #71 is a photo realistic painting of Zaria Forman in 2014. It is a soft pastel on paper and it measures 50″x60″. She loves exploring the fleeting moments of transition, instability and serenity in a landscape. She believes that all of this can have a great impact on the spectators. In this kind of creative process, she is being reminded of how powerless we are when defied with the potent forces of nature.

About the Artist

Zaria Forman is a photorealist painter. Her expeditions include Greenland in which she was able to go back over the 1869 journey of William Bradford who is an American painter. Her favorite subjects are ocean and isolated, icy landscapes. She paints with her hands instead of brushes and she likes using her fingertips to produce marks in paint and chalk.

Thank you very much Zaria Forman for allowing us to post and share your Greenland #71 photorealistic painting. If you wish to see more of her amazing artwork, you can visit her website.

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