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Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat

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Source: Eldar Zakirov

This portrait is a classic, regal, and quite interesting piece. Every detail in this classic oil painting looks precise and realistic. The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat is a digital art illustration created for the Hermitage Magazine in 2012 by Eldar Zakirov.

It is a classic oil painting featuring a series of cat portraits. The idea behind this project is attributed to Andrei Shelyutto. There are different versions of this painting and this artwork was reviewed and featured by the New York Times.

About the Artist

Eldar Zakirov is an award-winning and professional digital artist from Uzbekistan. He is fond of painting and drawing realistic objects as well as fictional and fantasy characters. His creative pieces are often described as contemporary and modern but he can also work on other styles like classicism.

Thank you very much, Eldar Zakirov, for allowing us to post and share your Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat. If you wish to see more of his amazing artworks, you check and visit his website or Deviant Art page.

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