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Huge Elephant Mural

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Source: Adonna Khare
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I find this carbon pencil drawing very amusing and surprising. I am impressed with the richness of the details. At first glance from far away, the mural  looks like an abandoned grim land because of the prominence of the bare tree drawn on top. Surprisingly, there are lots of creatures that one can find when taking a closer look at the mural. This mural looks like it may have a deep message, that can make the viewer introspective.

About the Huge Elephant Mural

This Huge Elephant Mural was drawn by Adonna Khare using carbon pencil. She put very rich details into this mural, causing the viewer to take closer look. It is also entertaining because as the viewer takes a longer and closer look at the mural, there are more amazing details to be discovered.

About the Artist

Adonna Khare is a passionate and award-winning artist from America. She loves to work with carbon pencils and drawing papers. She completed her MA of Fine Arts at California State University. Her creative work has been exhibited in many international public and private art galleries. She competed in the 2012 Art Prize competition and she won the top prize, competing against 1500 artists from different countries. Her other awards include the 2007 Award for Distinguished Achievement in Creative Activity and 2014 State of the Art at the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

Thank you very much Adonna Khare for allowing us to post and share your Huge Elephant Mural. If you wish to see more of her amazing drawings, you can visit her website.

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