Impossible Bottle with Padlocked Items

/Impossible Bottle with Padlocked Items

Impossible Bottle with Padlocked Items

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Source: Luke Howison
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This is yet another stupefying bottle from Luke. This bottle with padlocked items is interesting because even the keys are padlocked! It is baffling to think about the techniques used to make the objects appear that they can fit into the bottle without drilling or cutting.

About the Impossible Bottle with Padlocked Items

This impossible bottle has nail scissors which are padlocked together. What’s most interesting is that the padlock keys are also locked onto the padlock. The bottle itself is just an ordinary glass bottle that Luke has purchased from a shop.  This bottle was not cut or drilled and is not cracked in any way.  All the items are also real and are regular items which Luke has purchased in a store.  Everything was placed into the bottle through the neck. Yes, it may look far-fetched and bizarre but being a self-taught builder of impossible bottles, Luke has figured out how to build and complete this fantastic work of art.

About the Artist

Luke Howison is an aficionado of the impossible bottles. He has great fondness for building things that make people think and wonder. When he discovered impossible bottles, he began building them in his own way. Luke is very interested in puzzling objects.

Thank you Luke Howison for allowing us to post and share your impossible bottle with padlocked items. If you wish to know more about his impossible bottles, you can go and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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