Impossible Bottles with Three Tennis Balls

/Impossible Bottles with Three Tennis Balls

Impossible Bottles with Three Tennis Balls

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Source: Merlin Dunlop

Possible or not possible? This was the first question that popped in my mind. I was really stunned to see the picture of the Impossible Bottle, it definitely made me curious. This illusion is magical because what my eyes are seeing in the picture is impossible.

About the Impossible Bottle with Three Tennis Balls

The photo of impossible bottle with three tennis balls really made me think a lot. I was fascinated to see that the bottle was undamaged and the three tennis balls went in through the neck of the bottle. Is it not amazing? I was thinking what kind of trick was used to create such a marvelous illusion work.  It puzzled me a lot and I must say that everything about the impossible bottle is totally mind boggling. I believe that such fantastic illusion work will surely surprise a lot of people.

About the Artist

Merlin is a full-time physician, magician and the founder of the Impossible Bottle website, United Kingdom. Merlin Dunlop has been performing magic for 15 years. He started out as a children’s entertainer using traditional conjurer’s methods. Over recent years, Dr. Dunlop has changed to concentrate on performing mind magic or ‘mentalism’. This involves mixing magic and psychology to create the illusion of a sixth sense by clever use of the existing five. Dr. Merlin Dunlop is a member of the world famous Magic Circle of London, the most prestigious magical society in the world. Dr. Dunlop also runs a business selling IT services to GP surgeries at QOF Masters.

He works full-time as a General Practitioner and performs at events in his free time. His knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychology helps enhance the power of the strange effects presented. He draws on real medical science, pseudoscience and urban legend together with popular psychological themes. Dr. Merlin Dunlop produces an entertaining show with a unique medical twist, perfect for corporate or private after-dinner or pre-dinner events.

Thank you Dr. Merlin Dunlop for allowing us to post and share your Impossible Bottle. If you wish to know more illusion works from Dr. Dunlop, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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