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Innocent Gel Capsule Art

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Source: Andy Diaz Hope

This art piece entirely made of capsule gels! I was surprised to find out that each capsule gel or pill contains small portions from Andy’s original photograph. I find this pill painting art style very clever and ground-breaking.

About the Innocent Gel Capsule Art

Andy Diaz Hope has used countless gel capsules in creating this Innocent portrait in 2008. He used U.V. treated gel capsules in reconstructing his own digital photographs and meticulously reassembling the original photo in a mosaic of gelatin pill capsules.

About the Artist

Andy Diaz Hope is a visual artist and photographer from San Francisco. He loves painting with gel capsules, transferring snapshots onto intricate grids of gel caplets. He has the boldness to reinvent and innovate for the sake of creating amusing artwork. In fact, he has also worked on tapestries and mirrors.

Thank you very much Andy Diaz Hope for allowing us to post and share your Innocent Gel Capsule Art. If you wish to see more of his amazing artwork, you can visit his website.

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