Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto

/Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto

Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto

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Source: Alexander Sorokin
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I find this digital wrist watch elegant. I love its stainless steel housing and was impressed with the shock-resistant sapphire crystal feature. It looks ultra-stylish and highly functional because it has a built-in GPS sensor that helps to reveal just the other side of the planet. On the screen you see the section of the planet on which you are now. It also displays the actual phase of the moon. Kudos to the creative talent and brilliant mind of Alexander Sorokin for creating this marvelous masterpiece.

About the Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto

This Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto was created by Alexander Sorokin.  Its main interface is the planet Earth. It revolves around the hour hand which are the sun or the moon depending on the time of day.  The actual phase of the moon can be seen on the screen of the watch. The sun shines brightly during the lunch time. The interface allows its user to see the exact time on the screen.

About the Artist

Alexander Sorokin is a talented artist who loves to work at doing graphic design, prom design and logos for corporations.

Thank you very much Alexander Sorokin for allowing us to post and share your Interface hours ‘Earth’ for 360 Moto. If you wish to see more of his interesting work, you can visit his website.

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