Where the John Day Meets the West Fork

/Where the John Day Meets the West Fork

Where the John Day Meets the West Fork

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Source: Iris Scott

Who would have thought that this amazing artwork was completed without using any paintbrush? It is quite amazing how the artist, Iris Scott, used her fingers to paint the entire canvas.

The most interesting fact about her style is when she discovered this technique after she had stopped to clean her paintbrushes. Scott used her fingers instead and from then on, her style progressed from painting with paintbrushes to using her fingers instead.

About Where the John Day Meets the West Fork

This painting was created by Iris Scott. She wore a pair of surgical gloves and painted the entire artwork using her fingers while rendering impressionistic color and texture to her painting.

This painting is sold in canvas print and measures 30 x 40 inches. It is gallery-wrapped and ready to hang.

About the Artist

Iris Scott is a talented artist from New York. She loves painting with her fingertips and creating hand-painted artworks. She studied Fine Arts in Italy and started with oil hand painting in 2009.

Scott considers her finger painting as a great impressionistic style. Her works are featured in art magazines and displayed in many art galleries including Horizon Fine Art, Adelman Fine Art, Cole Gallery, and EIG Gallery.

Thank you very much, Iris Scott, for allowing us to post and share your Where the John Day Meets the West Fork. If you wish to see more of her fine art paintings, you can check and visit her website.

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