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Keyhole in a Hand

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Source: Alexis Diaz


There seems to be some kind of message in the mural that can surely stimulate the curiosity of the passersby. It is extremely detailed and the lines were drawn with great precision by Alexis. The message the mural gives seems very dark and foreboding.

About  Keyhole in a Hand

Keyhole in a Hand is a street painting by Alexis Diaz in 2013. It was painted on a Street in Vienna, Austria. In this mural, Alexis painted a hand with a keyhole, two black birds facing in opposite directions and a grim background of leafless trees. The hand grabs the attention and then the birds draw you in to a very dark and desolate place. Everything was drawn with thousands of tiny brushstrokes. He used the technique of engraving in this enormous mural.

About the Artist

Alexis Diaz is a Puerto Rican artist and muralist. He likes creating murals that hold deep or secret messages and he uses a lot of symbolism in his creative works.

Thank you very much Alexis Diaz for allowing us to post and share your Keyhole in a Hand street painting. If you wish to see more of his interesting artwork, you can visit his website.

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