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Kiwi Dustup Two

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Source: Alan Sailer

This is exploding food photography! What is interesting is that it was captured through the high speed camera lenses of Alan Sailer and was printed in high definition. I can see the great talent of Alan in capturing the exact moment of impact through this photograph. I find this photography style unique and experimental. I never thought that a simple kiwi fruit could be presented in such a striking and peculiar way which stimulates my creativity and imagination.

About Kiwi Dustup Two

Alan works in his garage using a homemade high-speed flash device. In this photograph, it defies speed, flare-up and gravity. This picture is all about a fast marble that hits a large kiwi fruit. He uses a PVC or copper cannon to launch pellets and marbles at his subjects in order to create explosions.

About the Artist

Alan Sailer is a high speed photography specialist. He has zest and fervor for capturing things that blow up, like fruit and household or market items. His works are all wildly active and superbly entertaining. His style is very modern and impressive. He already has many works that involve his high speed camera and they all look brilliant.

Thank you very much Alan Sailer for allowing us to post and share your Kiwi Dustup Two. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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