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Koi with Lotus Flower

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Source: Lisa Rodden
Source's Website: http://www.lisarodden.com/

The hand-cut paper artwork of the artist, Lisa Rodden, looks peaceful and calming. The details in the cut-outs are quite stunning and impressive. Spectators will definitely appreciate the creative flair of the artist through this paper sculpture.

About the Koi with Lotus Flower

The Koi with Lotus Flower is a distinctive paper artwork made by Lisa Rodden. This artwork can bring out emotions through its simple and minimalistic technique. It somehow expresses the mayhem of life. The Koi and the fish symbolize the interconnections of all things in this world.

This artwork is one of Rodden’s commission works which measures 90cm x 110cm. She used paper and water color to create this artwork.

About the Artist

Lisa Rodden is an amazing paper artist from Sydney. She is greatly inspired by the diversity of culture and landscapes around her. Rodden volunteered to work as an artist in the aboriginal communities which led her to realize the true value of the natural environment and appreciate the community. She also learned the significance of nurturing interrelationships.

Thank you very much, Lisa Rodden, for allowing us to post and share your Koi with Lotus Flower. If you wish to see more of her amazing paper artworks, you can check and visit her website.

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