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KoKo Monkey Bead Sculpture

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Source: Jan Schwab Huling
Source's Website: http://janhuling.com/



This Koko Monkey art piece is truly a bead wonder.  I can see the extensive knowledge and great experience of Jan Schwab Huling in Monkey bead sculpture. It is well made and I can see the complex details that Jan had created in Koko Monkey.  It is a fantastic bead masterpiece that can bring great awe and inspiration to other sculptors and visual artist.

About the KoKo Monkey Bead Sculpture

This incredible Monkey bead sculpture is created by the brilliant artist Jan Schwab Huling. It measures 48″ X 15″ X 24″. The range of Jan’s bead work is so dynamic. She was able to create a wonderful monkey art piece with a labor of love.

About the Artist

Jan Schwab Huling is a brilliant visual artist from Chicago. She had studied fine arts and had worked at Hallmark cards, she also had a career as a product designer and had authored a children’s book.

Thank you very much Jan Schwab Huling for allowing us to post and share your Koko Monkey bead art piece. If you wish to see more of her fantastic bead works, you can go and visit her website.


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