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Korpuskularmotiv Jigsaw Puzzle Collage

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Source: Gerhard Mayer

I am one hundred percent sure that this Korpuskularmotiv jigsaw puzzle collage is very time consuming to complete. I can see the great persistence and hard work of Gerhard in completing this wonderful puzzle collage. Through this masterpiece, I was able to recognize and appreciate the beauty in randomness. At the same time, this artwork looks very deceiving because at a quick glance, I didn’t notice that this is a collage. Everything seems perfectly unified in this creative fusion of puzzle pieces.

About the Korpuskularmotiv Jigsaw Puzzle Collage

Gerhard has re-purposed thousands of pieces from different jigsaw puzzles in order to produce this Korpuskularmotiv massive and abstract collage. Believe it or not but it can fill an entire gallery wall. He has used a very delicate procedure of creating layers of sections of puzzles that have already been restored together to form new phantasmagorias and surfaces. This jigsaw puzzle masterpiece on aluminum measures 204 x 363 cm (81″ x 144″).

About the Artist

Gerhard Mayer is a talented and hardworking artist. He is the master creator of many marvelous jigsaw puzzle collages. You can find many breath taking jigsaw puzzle collages on the portfolio section of his blog site. His works can bring great wonder and inspiration to viewers.

Thank you very much Gerhard Mayer for allowing us to post and share your Korpuskularmotiv Jigsaw Puzzle Collage. If you wish to see more of his marvelous artworks, you can visit his website.

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