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Source: Andrew Myers
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When seeing this picture, I could hardly believe that the prime medium for this portrait includes thousands of screws. I find it a very unique style and it is absolutely striking. I am a hundred percent convinced that Andrew is one of the best innovative sculptors.

About the La Mona Bethany

I have learned that Andrew has made the portrait of his sister using roughly 10,000 screws, oil paint, and telephone book pages. Let me share just a little bit of a trivia from when Andrew was working on this amazing portrait. His sister’s expression while modeling for this screw piece reminded Andrew of the Mona Lisa. That explains why the portrait looks strangely familiar to its viewer. One of the most challenging parts for Andrew was to get rid of the drawing underneath. He has to paint over each of the screw heads one by one in such a way that the sculpture will appear like a real portrait.

About the Artist

Andrew Myers was born in Braunshweig, Germany. He now resides in Laguna Beach, California, where he has lived since attending the Laguna College of Art and Design, formerly known as the Art Institute of Southern California. His works are described as distinct, expressive and tactile. Andrew creates a unique brand of contemporary artwork.

Given their complexity, unique subject matter, and unusual materials, Andrew produces only five to ten pieces a year, each of which is an experiment in art, mathematics, and creative problem solving. His workflow fluctuates between careful, conscious planning with his assistants, and countless hours spent in a dreamlike state where hours pass by as if in a moment. He especially enjoys using objects and materials that are not usually considered art. Andrew’s guiding principle is to create better art today than what he did in the past.

Thank you very much Andrew Myers for allowing us to post and share your amazing optical illusion. If you wish to know more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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