Labyrinths of the Gray House

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Labyrinths of the Gray House

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Source: Lyubov Nikolayeva

Ink painting is a type of brush painting which is a classic and prominent form of art. In Eastern Asia, ink painting is particularly used in calligraphy. The Labyrinths of the Gray House by Lyubov Nikolayeva is a truly inspiring piece of work.

I have a high respect to the creative process of Lyubov in creating wonderful brush strokes using ink. Great job to his amazing work.

About the Labyrinths of the Gray House

The Labyrinths of the Gray House is an incredible ink painting created by Lyubov Nikolayeva. The painting appears like a fantasy from the book of dreams. Every detail of the brush stroke is unique and creative.

There is a strong element of surrealism in this masterpiece. I must say this is one of the most interesting artworks by Lyuboy.

About the Artist

Lyubov Nikolayeva, also known as Nikol, was born in year of Snake. Ever since she was a child, Nikol was already interested in painting. In 1982, she began creating art with ink. Her pen and ink became her tool in drawing the images from her books and making them come into life through her illustrations.

Nikol currently works for the Artistic Russian Drama Theatre in Ukraine. In 1992, she became a laureate of the international contest, “Illustrators of The Future”. She has taken part in numerous exhibits in Nikolaev.

Thank you very much, Lyubov Nikolayeva, for allowing us to post and share your superb artwork. If you wish to learn more about her creative works, you can check and visit her website.

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