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Source: European Space Agency

This is yet another amazing and amusing Earth observation brought to us by the European Space Agency. It allows us to increase our cognizance of the exquisite and priceless nature of Earth.

About the Lake Constance

The Lake Constance is a wonderful observation of the Earth’s natural wonders by the European Space Agency. Lake Constance can be found on the Rhine at the Northern foot of the great Alps. It is comprised of three bodies of water Obersee, Untersee and Seerhein. It was formed during the ice age by rhine glacier. It is an important drinking water source for southwestern Germany. The European Space Agency has a Multi-mission Earth Observation Portal that serves as a genuine one-stop access point for a wide range of Earth observation resources.

About the Artist

European Space Agency has a large collection of Earth’s observation. It is their mission to present the beauty and the interesting facts about the splendor of nature which can serve as an inspiration to many artists.  They use advanced space-based sensors that gather data from sites across the world and it can reach even the most remote places. So far, the satellite acquisitions are presented in the form of pictures which are considered as digital data.

Thank you very much European Space Agency for allowing us to post and share your Lake Constance. If you wish to see more of their incredible artworks, you can go and visit their website. Please note that full credits/copyrights line has to be indicated for each image used and as some images contained in this website have come from other sources, and this is indicated in the Copyright notice.

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