Leonardo Da Vinci – canvas print

/Leonardo Da Vinci – canvas print

Leonardo Da Vinci – canvas print

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Source: Iustinian Ghita
Source's Website: http://just-in-art.com/

This surreal optical illusion is indeed beautiful. At quick glance, all I can see is an old man but when I looked at it closer, I saw many other figures and I was completely surprised. I find this portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci extraordinary.

About the Leonardo Da Vinci – canvas print

I have learned that this Leonardo Da Vinci canvas print of Iustinian is a surreal optical illusion. He created it in such a way that it will give a good trick to the viewer. Iustinian has attempted to give the viewer’s brain a workout and test the ability to play with perception by checking out the other hidden images in the canvas print. As a surrealist, Iustinian has created a dreamlike portrait of Da Vinci and he filled the face of Leonardo with mysterious images like doves, dogs and fish.

About the Artist

Iustinian Ghita has shown his great talent in painting by turning a bipolar malady into something beautiful. It is not surprising for he was born in a family of painters. He currently lives and works in Munich, Germany. You can find his fine artworks in both public and private art collections. As a painter, he travels through reality to Surrealism, transforming and accepting the reality’s illusions on his canvas. He is a painter who dares the viewer to see beyond the standard contemplation of the art and challenges the ordinary impressions or discernment of the mind. His paintings can be playful and can also incite you to reexamine your ideas about art and life. His paintings are truly of such depth that you will keep finding something new within it.

Thank you Iustinian Ghita for giving us the permission to share and post your surreal art illusion. You can visit his website if you wish to learn more about interesting optical illusions.

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