Mansion (modo/photoshop)

/Mansion (modo/photoshop)

Mansion (modo/photoshop)

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Source: Christian Lorenz Scheurer

I would definitely love to visit such a beautiful relaxing place. The place looks refreshing and luxurious and too good to be true (which it turns out to be). I can see fresh water everywhere and this is a place where I could have the best swimming experience. Christian Scheurer used a clever concept of combining a gorgeous mansion with nature.

About the Mansion (modo/photoshop)

This is yet another spectacular work from Christian Lorenz Scheurer. As an expert creator of dreamscapes, Christian uses his scrupulous eye for detail in order to create this desirable mansion using Photoshop. His artwork is his way of welcoming the spectator into his world of imagination.

About the Artist

Christian Lorenz Scheurer has become a renowned concept artist because of his rich imagination, clever ideas and exceptional talent in using digital art media. As a matter of fact, Christian is the man behind the peculiar cities and architecture in movies like Thor 2, Man of Steel, Titanic, the Matrix and Animatrix, just to name a few. He loves creating impossible worlds and yet they all look realistic. His expertise is in creating alien worlds and cities.

Thank you very much Christian Lorenz Scheurer for allowing us to post and share your Mansion (modo/photoshop). If you wish to see more of his dreamscapes, you can go and visit his website.

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