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Source: Gary Greenberg

I was fascinated with this macro photograph. I believe that a glossy, hi-tech and hi-resolution copy of this art print could make a very good decoration in the house. What is absolutely interesting about this picture is that it has been captured under the microscope. Mask Sand was a clever name for this sand grain piece because it really looks like a party mask. This is indeed a terrific macro photograph of sand by Gary Greenberg.

About the Mask Sand

Mask Sand (the centre focus) is a single grain of sand from the island of Corsica, France. When looked at with 150 times magnification, it looks like a mask . This Mask Sand art print can be found on Gary Greenberg’s website. It is also available in different kinds of prints, such as metallic and aluminum prints. The size of this picture is also customizable. You can contact for inquiries about this art print. However, please take note that he is currently not taking orders outside of the USA.

About the Artist

Gary Greenberg is an art photographer who is very interested in microscope photography and that is why he named his blog site “Sand Grains”. You can visit his blog site to see his marvelous portfolio. He loves capturing the wonderful art of science.

Thank you very much Gary Greenberg for allowing us to post and share your Mask Sand. If you wish to see more of his fantastic works, you can go and visit his website.

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