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Mechanical Mantis and Dragonfly

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Source: Justin Gershenson-Gates

I thought of my brother when I saw the mechanical sculptures Mantis and Dragonfly. He was always extremely enthused with any kind of animal or insect when we were young kids. I was amazed with the resourcefulness and rich imagination of the artist.

About the Mechanical Mantis and Dragonfly

This Mechanical Mantis and Dragonfly art pieces are made from different watch parts and pieces of light bulbs. The ingenuity and novelty of Justin Gershenson-Gates are cleverly exhibited. Being a great thinker, Justin has become the creator of all sorts of interesting mechanical insects.  When he was young, he took great interest in mechanical things. He would take toys apart in order to observe and study how they worked.  This is the same method that he applies whenever he creates mechanical sculptures of insects. He spends time visualizing how the different parts of watches or light bulbs would resemble the form of the particular insect that he wants to create.

About the Artist

Justin Gershenson-Gates is the creator of striking insect sculptures. He is actually a jeweler, which enables him to manipulate parts of watches and light bulbs in order to construct many modern looking statuettes of insects. He developed a love for creating mechanical insect figures and has produced a series of adorable small sculptural arthropods.

Thank you very much Justin Gershenson-Gates for allowing us to post and share your Mechanical Mantis and Dragonfly art pieces. If you wish to see more of his incredible artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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