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Source: Ester Roi
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The Metamorphosis is a wonderful and magical piece of art. This artwork serves as an inspiration to a lot of visual artists.

About the Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis is a realistic photo drawing that uses color pencil which is created by Ester Roi. She also uses oil in painting this artwork. Roi enjoys using wax and oil pastels as well as colored pencils because of their simplicity and minimalism effect.

Her art style is a combination of drawing and painting which are two entirely different approaches. She masterfully shifts from drawing to painting, firm to soft, and wet to dry. Roi is fascinated with the magical properties of water which is why it is her favorite subject.

About the Artist

Ester Roi is an ingenious and award-winning artist from Southern Carolina. According to Ester, her concept includes transforming realism into abstraction and turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. There is an interaction between these realms and serve as an infinite source of stimulation for her creative works.

Thank you very much, Ester Roi, for allowing us to post and share your Metamorphosis photorealistic colored pencil drawing. If you wish to see more of her amazing artworks, you can check and visit her Website and Facebook Page.

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