Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam

/Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam

Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam

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Source: Zarathustra

I find this artwork very fascinating, humorous and impressive. The cat lovers will surely like this artwork by the FatCatArt. I admire the boldness of the artists and their unique concept of always including the fat cat in their paintings.

About the Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam

This Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam is a FatCatArt. This Italian Renaissance painting shows a union of human and the fat cat. This creative work was credited to Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat (FatCatArt).

About the Artist

Zarathustra is composed of great artists who are fond of the fat cat. The website is called FatCatArt because their featured paintings seem to be a parody of the original works and they always include the fat cat in the picture. The categories of their work range from masterpieces, Russian classics, portrait, still life, modern, classics, inspirations, meowvies, burning issues of today and Arrrt Crispticism.

Thank you very much FatCatArt for allowing us to post and share your Michelangelo, the Creation of Cat-dam. If you wish to see more of their interesting artwork, you can go and visit their website.

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