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Mike Wright Series: Geological

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Source: Ed Fairburn
Source's Website: http://edfairburn.com/

I was so amazed with this Mike Wright Series: Geological masterpiece. At first, I thought that this was just an ordinary picture of a woman. When I looked at it much closer and for longer, I was astounded to see that there is something tricky about it; I was delighted to see some land forms in a map.

About the Mike Wright Series: Geological

I have learned that this artwork is made of pencil on a geological map of Colorado. This is in fact the first of a series of works to be exhibited exclusively at the Mike Wright Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The artist (Ed Fairburn) works with his art piece just like a sculptor – by cutting away needless detail in order to reveal the vital influences of form. Ed is attempting to show that we are actually microcosms of the cosmos. There are interrelationships of the patterns between the environment and the human being.

About the Artist

Ed Fairburn is a Welsh artist whose uses his skills to mix up the geography of human facial features with the geography of the earth. This has resulted in an astonishing and captivating fusion of the two. Ed has become popular in Europe for his distinctive portraits, which generate multifaceted human features from the random patterns created in mundane topographical and astrological maps.

Ed is a known freelance artist whose masterpieces are mostly figurative. He paints, sketches and builds using a wide variety of tangible media. Most of his works are self-directed, which enables him to discover the richness of designs and perceptions which ought to be recognized.

Thank you very much Ed Fairburn for allowing us to post and share your Mike Wright Series: Geological. If you wish to know more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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