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Miley Cyrus Candy Portrait

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Source: Jason Mecier

It was my first time to see a portrait made of candy and I am absolutely fascinated. This Miley Cyrus candy portrait is well detailed. I admire the boldness of Jason in creating a unique visual style. I like the way he has captured the fun facial expression and attitude of Miley.

About the Miley Cyrus Candy Portrait

This Miley Cyrus Candy Portrait is yet another outrageous artwork from Jason Mercier. He precisely fabricates the portrait out of different kinds of candy. This is included in the Candylebrity series of Jason which comprises pop culture figures. This portrait mosaic is entirely made of candies and sweet gummies.

About the Artist

Jason Mecier is a talented mosaic portrait artist. All his artworks are handmade and there have been no tricks or gimmicks. He has been internationally recognized for his exceptional talent. He has a deep love for people, art and collecting things. Jason is the creator of the Candylebrity, a series of mosaic portrait celebrities made of different kinds of candies.

Thank you very much Jason Mecier for allowing us to post and share your Miley Cyrus Candy Portrait. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks you can go and visit his website.

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