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Mistakes Leafy Portrait

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Source: Federico Bebber

This is another stunning and mysterious portrait from Frederico Bebber. The image looks attractive and haunting at the same time. It depicts the human mistakes and weaknesses similar to the countless leaves that fall around the woman in the portrait.

Frederico has a meticulous eye for dramatic images that signify profound messages. The portrait is all about a superficially beautiful person who is being haunted by her mistakes.

About the Mistakes Leafy Portrait

This portrait uses photo manipulation and digital artwork. The artist digitally manipulated the woman’s features in the picture and incorporated leaves that almost cover her up to create a retrospective effect. His photo manipulations are not only intended to provide beautiful pictures but also offers an interactive artwork that will encourage the viewers to creatively think and interpret his works.

About the Artist

Federico Bebber is a professional digital artist from Italy. He loves creating amazing and mysterious images. He is a member of the Deviant Art website, the largest online community for arts and artists.

Thank you very much, Federico Bebber, for allowing us to post and share your Mistakes Leafy Portrait. If you wish to see more of his incredible paintings, you can visit his Deviant Art web page.

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