Motorcycle Painting No.4

/Motorcycle Painting No.4

Motorcycle Painting No.4

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Source: William Fisk
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I had mistaken this oil painting as a photographed motorcycle. I am impressed with the meticulous hyper realistic painting of William Fisk. I can see that he has great talent in painting realistic things and pays close attention to every detail to make you think it could be a photograph.

About the Motorcycle Painting No.4

This Motorcycle Painting No.4 was painted by William Fisk in 2013. This hyper realistic painting was done in oil on canvas and measures 65″ x 120″. He painted this super realistic motorcycle in such a way that it can challenge the viewer’s perception. He can make people fail to recognize a painting and real photographed things through his hyper realistic paintings.

About the Artist

William Fisk is a brilliant hyper realistic painter from Canada. He loves painting vintage objects and he works on perfecting the details, including the shine in the metallic parts. Painting with great precision and attention to every detail of each antiquity.

Thank you very much William Fisk for allowing us to post and share your Motorcycle Painting No.4. If you wish to see more of his hyper realistic paintings, you can visit his website.

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