Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture

/Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture

Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture

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Source: Alain Delorme


Doesn,t this picture look very interesting? You’ll be surprised to discover what is really behind the flock and you’ll be amazed. These are calligraphic shapes that are made of thousands of plastic bags, accurately arranged by Alain. The mass of bags twist, weave, and ripple in performance with each other forming a visual web of dynamic variability.

About the Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture

The Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture was created by Alain Delorme. He captured the balletic murmurations of starlings. Just like the swarms of birds can be beautiful, they are also frightening. Plastic bags flying about or strewn around are also disturbing because millions of them are used each day and littered everywhere. Alain combines these two into beautiful art, capturing an exceptional look into the natural world. The birds are very much synchronized and vividly graceful. Neels Castillon has documented the beauty of wild bird murmurations, from which Alain draws influence.

About the Artist

Alain Delorme is a French photographer. Alain loves creating digital works that have a concept of  land art installation, mutating natural spaces through artistic ingenuity.

Thank you very much Alain Delorme for allowing us to post and share your Murmurations – Ephemeral Plastic Sculpture. If you wish to see more of Alain’s amazing work, just go to the photographer’s website.

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