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Source: Elton Fernandes

The first time I laid eyes on this photograph, I thought that it was some kind of a digital abstract work. I find this artwork fascinating because it looks like a portrait that needs to be interpreted and there seems to be no exact answer as to what this picture is all about. I can see that this has been created out of rich imagination. This art piece can definitely produce many different interpretations from its spectators. I believe that looking into the picture can be a great adventure for the viewer’s mind.

About the Nature’s Delirium

This digital artwork Nature’s Delirium by Elton is a surreal artwork. Surrealism is often recognized as “the art of dreams”. This art piece is about turning dreams into reality, which is conveyed by painting realistic objects – anything from individuals to other living entities to lifeless things – in startlingly impossible environments. Surrealists like Elton Fernandes concentrate on the unconscious. They believe that Freud’s philosophies on the Iceberg Theory have opened doors to the genuine self and the “surreal” which is a term for truer reality. Elton has created this digital artwork in such a way that it will appear dreamlike to the viewer.

About the Artist

Elton Fernandes is a self-taught artist and is based in Brazil. He is a photographer, photo manipulator and surreal digital artist. He is also a deviant art member and his favorite style of art is surreal and dark art.

Thank you Elton Fernandes for allowing us to post and share your digital artwork Nature’s Delirium. If you wish to know more about his interesting digital artworks and photography, you can go and visit his website.

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