Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site in Natal Midlands

/Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site in Natal Midlands

Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site in Natal Midlands

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Source: Marco Cianfanelli
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I find this artwork interesting. The style and concept of Marco is so clever and unique. I can clearly see the facial expression of Nelson Mandela. I believe that it takes a brilliant mind in order to construct or build such a great art piece.

About the Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site in Natal Midlands

Cianfanelli’s works exemplify a huge diversity of media and materials, from laser cut materials, masked glass, digital imaging and branding to burnt mielie skins and sculpted sea sand. Marco utilizes computer-aided design and technology in the production of this Nelson Mandela’s Capture Site in Natal Midlands. He is usually involved with the more intuitive organic aspects of the material which he works with. He applies data to more expressive gestural acts. The shadows of human figures appear repeatedly in relation to other shapes or forms. This was one of Marco’s attempt to show the surprising links between social forces.

About the Artist

Marco Cianfanelli is an artist who has been involved in a wide range of projects involving art, architecture and public space. The key to his practice is an effort to give shape to the union of multiple kinds of data, knowledge and experience, emphasizing the interrelationship of everything.

Thank you Marco Cianfanelli for allowing us to post and share your Capture Site head 3 artwork. If you wish to check out more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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