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Source: Samuel Silva

I can see through this magnificent painting that Samuel Silva  has a great love for his work. This masterpiece will definitely trick a lot of spectators. Take note that this is not a photograph and what’s more interesting about this work is that it was created by Samuel using ball point pens. I really wish that I could have a chance to watch him draw a wonderful work of art like this.

About the Ocelot Portrait

This is a marvelous portrait drawn by Samuel Silva using ballpoint pens. According to Samuel, ballpoint pens must never be undervalued because they can be a very powerful medium. A ballpoint pen can be an incredible art tool. This medium is only as great as the painter who uses it.

About the Artist

Samuel Silva is Portugal based artist who can draw amazing portraits that look like photographs.  He does art just for fun and as a hobby. At the very young age of 2, he already had the inclination for drawing, sculpting and of course painting. According to him, he also uses other mediums for painting. He can, in fact work with chalk, pencil, color pencil, pastels, oils as well as acrylics. Using standard Bic ballpoint pens is just one of the mediums that he is trying to master. It usually takes him 30 hours in order to complete a project. He has been a deviant art member for 2 years and he belongs to the Ballpoint Masters group.

Thank you very much Samuel Silva for allowing us to post and share your Ocelot – Bic Ballpoint Pen. If you wish to see more of his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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