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Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon

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Source: Dan Reeder


I was stunned to see this amazing Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon of Dan Reeder. It is well detailed and I like the sturdiness of the dragon’s form. This paper Mache has been weatherproofed and this is one of the best features of this medium.

About the Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon

This Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon was created by Dan Reeder because he was been requested for years to make paper Mache sculptures that could be installed outside.  He has actually made many attempts but this time he has created something that really worked.  This paper Mache dragon was his first experiment.  He put it in the apple tree in front of his lawn. Most paper Mache artists mold with some incompetent materials like that of chicken wire and then put a “skin” of paper Mache over it. Dan prefers to sculpt with paper Mache balls and then put a skin of cloth dipped in glue over it. That is why he had coined the phrase “Paper and Cloth Mache” when he first wrote about it in his book, The Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Paper and Cloth Mache in 1984.

About the Artist

Dan Reeder is a talented visual artist from Seattle. He has been making Paper Mache sculpture for many years. He has made his first dragon at the age of twenty two years old. He had conceptualized his one of a kind variation of paper Mache installed with cloth and glue in an effort to make his creative projects more solid. He has the clothed dipped in glue, this enhances the robustness of his paper sculpture.  The cloth is a very good material that had helped Dan to achieve the detail not doable with traditional paper Mache only.

Thank you very much Dan Reeder for allowing us to post and share your Outdoor Paper Mache Dragon. If you wish to see more of his amazing Paper Mache artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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