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Owls Food Decoration

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Source: Ida Frosk
Source's Website: www.idafrosk.com

I was wonder struck with this Owl Food art. I am fascinated in this artistic plate because it has chocolate chips and hazelnut flavors. I love coffee and I would definitely try this one of these. Very nice and creative idea.

About the Owls Food Decoration

In the shape of owls, Ida Frosk has included the flavors of hazelnut, buckwheat, and coffee. She also added dashes of some cocoa nibs or chocolate chips just to make them pop even more. She’s very much attracted to the aromatic smell, roasted taste and meditative break that coffee can bring. It gives her a good zest for the day. She has become interested in specialty coffee and she has her own coffee maker in the kitchen.

About the Artist

Ida Frosk is a food artist from Norway. She loves coffee and food styling. Her real name is Ida Skivenes. She’s been doing food art for fun and she generously share her healthy, creative breakfasts with over 210,000 followers on Instagram. You can check out her website so you can see her amazing portfolio. She makes artistic food art from animals, to famous characters and travel memorials.

Thank you very much Ida Frosk for allowing us to post and share your Owls Food Decoration. If you wish to see more of her interesting artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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