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Source: Erwin Bonsma

I find this Pac Man cubed design interesting because it does not easily reveal the iconic characters to you. It is a genius work that can only be recognized by intelligent individuals. I find this cube quite surprising and a must share to my friends.

About the Pac Man Cubed

Erwin Bonsma created this Pac Man Cubed design in full-color sandstone using 3D printing and it measures 4.2 cm tall. When seen from most angles, in the same way as the photograph on the left, it is hard to distinguish any shapes. However, when seen from the front, side, or top, you will see famous shapes of Pac Man characters (as shown on the right of the picture). Erwin Bonsma also created a 3D animation featuring this object and you can check out the video on YouTube.

About the Artist

Erwin Bonsma has been a deviant art member for five years and he belongs to the 3D illusions group. Eriban enjoys creating Escher inspired ray-traced illusions, puzzles, designs for 3D printing, animations, software and more.

Thank you Erwin Bonsma for giving us the permission to post and share your Pac Man Cubed design. If you wish to know more about his interesting 3D illusion artworks, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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