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Paul Mc Cartney Vinyl Music Pop Art

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Source: Alejandro de Antonio Fernández


It is so undeniable that this artwork was inspired by pop art and pop music. I have learned that the idea behind this masterpiece is to introduce a ground-breaking style within a space with the use of eccentric mediums. Alejandro was inspired by vinyl records, using them to illustrate portraits of iconic musicians. Other music icons who are included in the Vinyl Music Pop Art series are Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson.

About Paul Mc Cartney Vinyl Music Pop Art

This Vinyl Music Pop Art was conceptualized and created by Alejandro de Antonio Fernández. He expressively created an amazing vinyl of music pop artists including Paul Mc Cartney. Antonio’s creative works are printed on sheets of aluminum to make them authentic collectors’ items. This art piece can be purchased. Those who love to distinguish and recognize the beauty of the space as an expression of themselves will surely appreciate this kind of work.

About the Artist

Alejandro de Antonio Fernández is a creative director, designer illustrator and blogger from Madrid, Spain. He creates designs for books, advertising and corporate identity. He also likes working in lomography, comical illustration and graphic designs. You can go to his WEB page in order to see his PORTFOLIO. You can also check out his BLOG and follow him on TWITTER.

Thank you very much Alejandro de Antonio Fernández for allowing us to post and share your Paul Mc Cartney Vinyl Music Pop Art. If you wish to see more of his interesting art designs, you can visit his website.

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