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Source: Jane Perkins

This beautiful picture is made of recycled materials like buttons and beads. If you look closely, you can identify some of the objects that Jane Perkins used to create her lovely peacock.

About the Peacock Artwork

This peacock artwork was made in China and it measures 74cm x 74cm. It was created by Jane using different recycled objects like beads, buttons and accessories. Jane used her creativity and rich imagination in order to create the clear form of peacock. Jane is not afraid to try new things when combining materials in order to create art.

About the Artist

Jane Perkins is a British artist who is full of ingenuity. She can construct a portrait using almost anything under the sun. She uses plastic toys, buttons, beads and LEGO parts to name a few. Jane has been popular for her own version of iconic portraits like that of Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. Jane is knowledgeable with textile works but she prefers to work with plastic pieces and recycled objects. Most of her artwork has been sold online.

Thank you very much Jane Perkins for allowing us to post your Peacock Artwork. If you wish to see more of her fantastic artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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