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Source: Mike Ott
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I like the composition by Mike Ott in this Pelican Roost magic bottle art. This was the first impossible bottle with a nature theme, that I had seen. I was fascinated and impressed with the concept and the design.

About Pelican Roost

Pelican Roost is yet another fantastic magic bottle art by Mike Ott. A female brown pelican tends the nest as her mate stands by watching her. They are hidden in a mangrove hammock inside a 6 gallon water bottle. It measures 21” X 11.5”. You can visit his website if you are interested in purchasing this magic bottle art piece.

About the Artist

Mike Ott is the creator of the unique bottle art pieces which he calls “magic bottle”. He never cuts or drills the bottle in sculpting whatever scene he is trying to construct inside of it. His works are all handmade and he attempts to mystify people with his bottle art masterpieces.

Thank you very much Mike Ott for allowing us to post and share your Pelican Roost. If you wish to see more of his magic bottles, you can visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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