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Pink Flower Dragon

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Source: Alvia Alcedo


I was amused with this art piece because it almost looks as if the dragon is part of the pattern in the stone. It looks very natural in there and it is really surprising to know that it was hand painted by Alvia. This can make a very good gift or remembrance of summer memories. It looks lovely and I admire Alvia’s talent in creating rich details in just a small stone.

About the Pink Flower Dragon

This Pink Flower Dragon was created by Alvia Alcedo. She painted this art piece with oil paints on the surface of a pink agate stone. According to her, oil paints dry very slowly, when used on stone. The Pink Flower Dragon pendant of this necklace measures 2.5x3cm.

About the Artist

Alvia Alcedo is a visual artist from Russia. She is a member of Deviant Art, the largest online community for art and artists. She loves creating fascinating art with her imagination, using both traditional art and digital painting.

Thank you very much Alvia Alcedo for allowing us to post and share the Pink Flower Dragon. If you wish to see more of her interesting artwork, you can visit her Deviant Art web page.

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