Portrait of Peeter Volkonski

/Portrait of Peeter Volkonski

Portrait of Peeter Volkonski

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Source: Heikki Leis

This is a most fascinating graphite drawing. Peeter Volkonski really looks serious about grooming himself in the portrait. It looks expressive and realistic. It almost looks like a black and white photograph more than a sketch because of the incredible details. Heikki definitely got the flair for and visual intelligence in creating realistic pencil drawings. It can leave the viewer with great awe and inspiration.

About the Portrait of Peeter Volkonski

This is yet another incredible still life portrait by Heikki Leis. This portrait is included in the series, Everyday Reflections. This series reveals the apparently random persons, as they look into the mirrors performing habitual grooming activities. What makes the series interesting is that everything was created in meticulous detail and Heikki used nothing, but a pencil. Being the master of graphite realism, Heikki has drawn this Portrait of Peeter Volkonski with lots of body and facial expressions.

About the Artist

Heikki Leis manages his own blog site where you can see his numerous drawings and portraits. He can sculpt, draw and take interesting photographs. He has fondness for taking pictures and drawing people. He has the gift of drawing realistic human forms especially in his Everyday Reflections series.

Thank you very much Heikki Leis for allowing us to post and share your Portrait of Peeter Volkonski. If you wish to see more of his amazing drawings, you can visit his creative website.

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