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Source: Faith47
Source's Website: http://www.faith47.com/

The artist, Faith47, has a very scrupulous eye for details. Everything about this street painting looks expressive, and precise. This kind of artwork is perfectly illustrated and is quite inspiring.

About the Pull of the Land

The Pull of the Land street painting was created by Faith47. This enormous mural was painted in Toronto. Faith47’s creative work is included in her exhale portfolio in 2014.

About the Artist

Faith47 is a street painter who has so many interesting ideas under her belt. She loves creating ginormous street paintings and her creative works are often described as striking, colossal, and well-detailed.

Thank you very much, Faith47, for allowing us to post and share your Pull of the Land. If you wish to see more of her fascinating street paintings, you can check and visit her website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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