Pumpkin Carving of Chucky

/Pumpkin Carving of Chucky

Pumpkin Carving of Chucky

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Source: Ray Villafane

I must admit that I definitely got scared when I first saw this sculpture of Chucky’s head.  But when I discovered that this is actually an art piece that was carved from a pumpkin, I was really fascinated.

About the Pumpkin Carving of Chucky

Being the grand prize winner in the professional pumpkin sculptor’s competition, it is not impossible for Ray Villafane to carve the head of the iconic doll, Chucky.  Ray’s flair, skills and ingenuity have made it possible for people to have an appreciation for pumpkin carving. In fact, his creative prowess is highly recognized during the traditional jack-o-lantern season. He has received many invitations for very impressive Pumpkin Galleries.

About the Artist

Ray Villafane is a New York based artist who has chosen to carve not on wood, but on pumpkins. He has become a popular pumpkin carving master. He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he exhibited his natural and exceptional artistic abilities. He also became an art teacher, and at first, carving pumpkins with his students was just a simple class project until it became a real hobby. He participated in the Food Network’s Challenge Show where he was able to exhibit his outrageous art.

Thank you very much Ray Villafane for allowing us to post and share your Pumpkin Carving of Chucky’s head. If you wish to see more of his amazing pumpkin carving, you can go and visit his website.

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