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Red-Eared Turtle

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Source: Suren Manvelyan

This stunning photograph of the red eared turtle’s eye features complex details. I believe that this picture would make a beautiful poster.  Seeing something that’s unknown with the naked eye is what makes macro photography interesting.

About the Red-Eared Turtle

This close up photo of the red eared turtle’s eye is included in the Animal Eyes portfolio of Suren Manvelyn that has gained millions of page views. It was also published by National Geographic. People usually pay attention to the exquisiteness of human eyes, but Suren Manvelyan created the Animal Eyes collection in order to share the beauty in the eyes of animals that we usually fail to notice.

About the Artist

Suren Manvelyan is an artist from Armenia and he started photography at the young age of sixteen. He has a variety of photographic interests, including scenery and macro portraits. His works are featured in many magazines in many countries. He has also enjoyed having the opportunity of teaching different science and math subjects in Yerevan Waldorf School, such as physics, mathematics, projective geometry and astronomy. He received recognition for his quantum technologies. Suren is a talented artist who is not only very good at camera work but also excels in playing musical instruments like guitar and flute.

Thank you very much Suren Manvelyan for allowing us to post your Red-Eared Turtle photograph. If you wish to see more of his terrific animal eyes photography, you can go and visit his website.

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