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Source: Hanneke

I was completely stunned to see this unbelievable sand art and what’s more interesting is that a girl named Hanneke has completed this incredible work of art. It somehow shows a very interesting story and it looks like the Roach Mobile is really a tough vehicle. I can see the ingenuity and passion of Hanneke in creating sand art through this work. Although chaos is being depicted in this work, I am not distressed. In fact, I am more fascinated by it.

About the Roach Mobile

This Roach Mobile was sculpted by Hanneke and she’s got the creative flair to create such a terrific sand art. There’s a story in this sand art and it allows the creative imagination of the viewers to work. In this sand art, Hanneke had tried to bring a remarkable experience, wonderment and inspiration to the place and to many individuals. A simple place has been transformed into something extraordinary.

About the Artist

Hanneke has studied interior design but she became more interested about sculpting using different materials including the sand. Check out her portfolio and you will see that she’s so passionate about shaping sand into incredible art forms. She has traveled around the world just share her exceptional talent. She’s also a very good illustrator.

Thank you very much Hanneke for allowing us to post and share your Roach Mobile sand art. If you wish to see more of her incredible sand artworks, you can go and visit her website.

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