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Source: Truly Design


These contemporary art figurines are the product of the Truly Design crew.  These Robocap figurines stimulate the spectator’s interest to discern, recognize, learn and appreciate art pieces which are made of recycled material.

About the Robocaps Sculptures

The lineup of these Robocap figurines are made of well-crafted salvaged spray can pieces that include covers, caps and paint. The creative prowess of the truly Design crew is exhibited through these art pieces. The details of the robots are excellently designed to look modern and fascinating. The unit height of the robots vary but they all look amazing.

About the Artist

Truly Design is a visual communication studio. It includes a superb crew of graffiti artists who share a common zest for street art. They specialize in urban art, illustration and graphic design for both advertising and creative projects. Most of the artwork that can be found on the Truly Design website features experimentation with traditional painting, graphic design as well as illustration. Their works have been presented in various collective and solo exhibitions.

Thank you very much Truly Design for allowing us to post and share your Robocaps Sculptures. If you wish to see more terrific works, you can go and visit the Truly Design Website.

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